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Bont Z 7050 Package

Bont Z Skate gives you the stiffness and ultra light weight that you would find in an $800 boot for a fraction of the cost. The new Bont 7050 frame makes it stiff but give you also flex enough.

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Обычная цена: 51 224,12 руб.

Special Price 48 698,62 руб.

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Обычная цена: 51 224,12 руб.

Special Price 48 698,62 руб.

The Bont Z skate boot is made with a 3k plain weave carbon fiber composite base. The carbon is sourced exclusively from the world’s #1 carbon manufacturer, Toray in Japan. In the front, air vents pump air into the boot which are built into the TPU protective bumper.

Getting the right fit is essential for comfort and performance. The Z skate starts out being built around a last that has been modified and improved for over 35 years by Mr. Inze Bont. The epoxy resin is the most heat moldable in the industry. Under the liner is a high quality memory foam that is 3mm thick and 50A in hardness so your energy doesn’t get absorbed by the boot.

The tongue on the Z has been redesigned so you don’t even feel it. It is comfortable and light.

Bont engineered the 3PF with his legendary 3 point system which totally eliminates all base boot flex. The curved carbon boot base produces the stiffest sole on the market and guarantees that none of your energy gets absorbed by the boot. The patented 3 point design is brought together with the best materials and the most advanced inline frame computer stress test simulations on earth. The Bont Z skate is also available with a 2 point 195 mm boot, for more flex. When it is difficult to choose for you there is a Bont Midpoint for use the third point when you need it and remove it when you don't

Perfect Flex

Many skaters believe that a stiffer frame is better, however, that is not the case. A frame needs a slight amount of flex in various areas in order to help you turn and to stop the frame skipping at the end of the push. A slight amount of flex near the wheels adds grip at the end of your push. The 3PF frame as been engineered with just the right amount of flex.

•Carbon composite base 85% carbon, 15% fiberglass
•Epoxy resin
•TPU toe bumper
•Air vents including mesh
•Microfiber liner
•Microadjustable buckle
•Hand made monocoque construction
•EVA innersole
•Heat moldable tongue
•Waxed laces
•Lace cover
•3PF 7050 frame 13.2" 110 / 3PF 7050 frame 12.8" 100/105

Бренд Bont
Размеры 100 mm, 110 mm
срок поставки От 7 до 9 дней
Цена 61 980,86 руб.
Call For Price Нет
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Posted by tina wang, вторник, 17 декабря 2013 г. on product Bont Z 7050 Package


hello,If my nomal shoe size is 39, which size of bont z 3 pf 7050 should i choose, 39 or 40, which is better?


  • Posted by Olivier Goud on вторник, 17 декабря 2013 г.

    For Bont sizing please look at

  • Posted by Eunkyung Won on вторник, 17 декабря 2013 г.
    Dear seller Is there a quick way to get to South Korea?
  • Posted by Eunkyung Won on вторник, 17 декабря 2013 г.
    Dear seller Is there a quick way to get to South Korea?

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