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Matter Mi3

Matter Mi3 wheels are the newest MATTER wheels. Mi3 wheels are an alternative for the more expensive G13 and MaxG. Mi3 wheels were developed from nothing, aiming to bring a fast insert wheels with a solid core rather than the traditional hollow core. So the new core is a masterpiece of its own, with five pairs of slightly offset core providing the necessary amount of stiffness, while still leaving some flexibility for that extra snap at the end of your push.

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823,89 руб.

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823,89 руб.

The outer tire of the Mi3 wheels is the from MATTER PU, the same material as the G13 wheels. The fastest PU from Matter Wheels. This super fast inline wheel Pu is responsible for the 37 gold medals that were reached on them at the world championships in Belgium!

Finally Mi3 wheels come with an flex ring, similar to that of the world leading G13 wheels, the TR3. The insert is not completely the same however, Matter wheels don't tell everything about it because its secret is in the production mode.

Бренд Matter
Размеры 80 mm, 84 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm
срок поставки 2-3 Days
Цена 996,64 руб.
Call For Price Нет
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