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Raps Lion V8 Klap

After 15 years, the Lion boot was completely renovated in 2006. The techniques of today are seamlessly integrated into the timeless design.

The boot is built from a low composite shell of glass / Kevlar on the outside covered with cowhide and an inner lining of high tech lorica.

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Обычная цена: 25 731,29 руб.

Special Price 22 854,99 руб.

Обычная цена: 25 731,29 руб.

Special Price 22 854,99 руб.

The last is adapted to the most common foot shape , so that it fit almost everyone . The perfect fit can be achieved because the boot is thermoplastic .
The Lion 06 has a low cockpit , which remains below the ankles .

The sole has a growing mounting distance , such as skating boots is common , with cross slots for M5 . The slots in the boot and the base shall ensure that the boot relative to the iron is optimally adjustable .

The Raps V8 clap skate has a flexible tube. This tube is made of high quality aluminum and is bendable . I.t.t. a steel chassis an aluminum tube to maintain its curved shape . The art of folding mech Raps is the strongest on the market and therefore on natural extremely reliable .

The bracket is a Uniqum in skating . Previous aluminum brackets were used Raps follows from other speed sports like for example the F1 . The bracket is made of glass and carbon fiber reinforced composites . Extremely light and extremely reliable . The Raps V8 skate has a stainless steel blade with a hardness of 61 HRC.

Бренд Raps
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Цена 31 135,13 руб.
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