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Raps Voltage V4/V8

Raps developed this softboot in 1997 as an alternative to the hard boots of competitors.
The Voltage is a comfortable half-softboot especially for men. The reads used (foot shape) is aligned with the men on foot. The boot is wider and fully adapted to the anatomy of the man.

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13 664,65 руб.

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13 664,65 руб.

The V8 triangular tube is virtually indestructible. The skate has a steel mars runner with has a hardness of 61 + HRC. This is harder than any other skate in its price range and also means less often sharpening. The voltage V8 is fully adjustable (side and forward and back) and also interchangeable with inline skates. The V8 triangle tube is relatively simple to build a clap skate using a blow set where the V4 tube is not.

Бренд Raps
срок поставки От 7 до 9 дней
Цена 16 534,50 руб.
Call For Price Нет
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